Yai Nin: Early Access Premiere

May 27, 2021 at 12:00 am UTC on Zoom

Yai Nin: Early Access Premiere

Join us for the early access premiere hosted by Thais Together

Early Access Premiere of Yai Nin hosted by Thais Together followed by a Q&A with the Director. YAI NIN is a documentary short film about Ninlawan Pinyo, a Thai businesswoman whose success making naem (pork sausage) propelled her family to America. Filmed by her grandson, Champ Ensminger, this documentary is for anyone interested in Thailand, the Asian American experience, and grandmothers.

The host Thais Together was established in 2020 by three friends who love good design. ThaisTogether is building a community of Thai Americans who are dedicated to elevating Thai American artists and voices. Learn more on IG @thaistogether and their website.

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